Chris ‘Bix’ Marshall

Bixworld.com has been around since 2000. It grew out of a small webpage I ran while in college, which dates back to 1998. Feel free to dig it up on the internet wayback machine. Today I keep the domain around primarily for my email address, but occasionally I post something when something sparks my interest. If you’re here hoping to gather some open source intelligence on me, go check out my LinkedIn page.

Personally, my family is extremely important to me. I’m interested in old video game and systems, and I really enjoy taking old broke systems and getting them working again. I like running, especially at the half marathon distance. I like to cook, particularly baking. I play around with things like Raspberry Pis, ESP8266, Pi Picos and like finding new uses for them around my home. Video games and reading are my two big escapes from reality.

Professionally, I’ve got a lot of experience with Information Security, and information technology in general. I’ve found success in building teams, and I tend to push team members to focus on the basics like useful metrics, automation of repeatable (boring) tasks, and individual growth and development. I believe that diversity and respect for your team members are essential to a successful security program.